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Zoo of the Future

Zoo meets theme park

Safari meets Virtual Reality

Educating with joy

Our visitors will not just stand in front of a window for a couple of seconds without reading info panels.

They will interact with wilderness to learn about different species.

With us, you can observe animals without behavioural disorders or physical anomalies due to captivity, in realistic habitats.

We provide concrete information in a playful way on how everyone can make a lasting contribution to the protection of species and the environment!

Technology and animal protection

Today's innovative technologies allow us to immerse ourselves in the animal kingdom and make fascinating experiences.

We develop breathtaking adventures without ripping animals from their natural habitats and confining them.

Observe animals up close or see the world through their eyes.

We make it possible!

Creatively conserving resources

We do not need food or larges spaces for our „animals“.

Except for production, we will consume only few resources in the use of our technologies.

Nor do you have to travel far, to experience foreign species up close.

This is how we treat the environment with care.

Journey to the past

Through VR animations, we can breathe life back into animals that have long been extinct!

Image by Dylan Shaw


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